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Zone Type Code
High-level classification defining the type of Management, Restriction or Regulation Zone.
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Code list values

Label Parent Governance level Status
air quality management zone Valid
animal health restriction zone Valid
area for disposal of waste Valid
bathing waters Valid
coastal zone management area Valid
designated waters Valid
drinking water protection area Valid
flood unit of management Valid
forest management area Valid
marine region Valid
nitrate vulnerable zone Valid
noise restriction zone Valid
plant health protection zone Valid
prospecting and mining permit area Valid
regulated fairway at Sea or large inland water Valid
restricted zones around contaminated sites Valid
river basin district Valid
sensitive area Valid
water body under the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) Valid
protected rapids, rivers and catchment areas Valid
land and water traffic restriction areas Valid
yhdyskuntajätevesidirektiivin (91/271/ETY) mukaiset kohteet Valid